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Losing hours in a whirlwind of spreadsheets and SaaS apps, the coworking space's staff struggled to deliver the best experience to their members. Our solution enabled Common Desk to not only scale, but also focus on members instead of management.

Discovering the real pain points

Through our discovery process we uncovered the biggest pain points for the staff: accounting and managing member accounts.

The Common Desk staff is a group of personable people who thrive on connecting with others and building community. Leveraging this core group of people to manage administrative efforts wasted their respective skillsets. Identifying their operational bottlenecks illuminated the impact a solution would have on their mission, vision, and operations.

LMD has been pivotal to the success of Common Desk. From website aesthetics to developing a member management portal, LMD continues to find ways to help us grow

Nick Clark,
CEO of Common Desk

Developing solutions that work together

From onboarding new members to automated accounting, Common Desk's custom app allows them to focus on better serving their community rather than managing accounts and books.

Building the Solution

We developed an app that integrates with Common Desk's payment processor and accounting software, automating all member-related bookkeeping. The app also enables staff to manage member accounts and even allows members to print documents, post job ads, and more.

Our custom solution allowed Common Desk to handle their routine tasks all in one place, saving them time and money. This played a key role in Common Desk's growth to several locations in just a few years.

TigerOnboarding through the dashboard

Using their existing payment processor, we made trivial the staff's most common tasks. With our app, Common Desk staff members can onboard members, set and forget monthly charges, and create one-off charges for things like day passes and conference room bookings.

HorseAutomatic transactions from Stripe to Xero

Instead of laboring through the error-prone process of manually entering Stripe data into Xero, Common Desk now relaxes as our tool counts the beans in the background. In automating Common Desk's bookkeeping, we unearthed some mistakes early enough to prevent serious pains in the future.

PawprintDriverless printing

Some of the most frustrating computer problems involve printer drivers. Before we built Common Desk's app, every member who wanted to use the printer had to hunt down and install the right driver. Now members can easily print from their own computer without installing a driver.

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