Project Details

User uploaded videos aimed at increasing employee engagement, required powerful technology to convert, optimize, and ensure a smooth experience from upload to publish.

Our Approach

Within the internal social network, videos highlighting employees around the world were created, uploaded, and shared with employees. Siemens ran into trouble when the solution created to share videos couldn't convert video from a variety of formats. Additionally, their solution would not enable them to select the representative video image.

Though capable of solving the worlds problems, Siemens called upon LionsMouth to build a solution that converted videos from all file formats, stored them within a content management system, and allowed the editor to select a representative static image.

The Outcome

Our technology was the backbone that enabled Siemens to successfully run their initiative. Without our solution, it would have stayed as just a good idea, and never been inacted.

About the client: Siemens

Siemens is a globally operating technology company which creates innovations large and small across multiple industries.

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