Project Details

While in beta testing, Soniphi found their mobile app had a low rate of engagement. Approaching us, they requested a trendy design hoping that would better capture users' interest. After examining their existing strategy and design, we helped them see the real reason for a lack of adoption.

Identifying the real problems

The Soniphi team contacted us with the objective of designing a more colorful, modern interface. However, in looking at their analytics, we discovered their woes weren't due to the look-and-feel of the app, but to the overall user experience and app structure.

Several of the current Soniphi users described the app as "confusing" and "difficult to understand." Because Soniphi's users were slow to even open the app and rarely used it a second time, we realized they actually needed to clearly communicate the power and value of their product.

Drafting a solution

Through several in-depth strategy sessions, we worked with Soniphi to understand their technology, often researching on our own to supplement meetings and bring new insights. The end result was a new foundational strategy and a simpler UI.

Strategy that informs design

With the new strategy in place, we worked alongside Soniphi to change the layouts and configuration, instead of just making cosmetic changes. In doing so, Soniphi's value proposition changed and everything became clear to their users.

It starts with hello! Technology that fuels growth

Approaching problems with a partnership mentality, a thorough understanding of business, and the desire to understand users' frustrations, we build ideal products to fuel growth.

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