Project Overview

Most might think a private equity firm doesn't need a strong web presence, but the Strait Lane Capital team recoginzed that attracting the best investments meant putting their best foot forward. We worked with SLCP to refresh their brand mark along with the new website.

Secure Investor Portal Communication

Signing on a new portfolio business involves a lot of paperwork, correction: secure paperwork, including bank account information. And communicating with new portfolio companies involves communicating with a lot of investors, correction: specific investors. See how we built Maru to help SLCP accomplish all of this and more.

Branding Story

Our goal with updating the Strait Lane Capital brand was to pair a wordmark with a new brandmark that could help them standout and be recognizable. We went through several iterations before landing on a block "S" variation. A serif font helped the brand feel trustworthy, timeless, and reliable.

It starts with hello! Technology that fuels growth

Approaching problems with a partnership mentality, a thorough understanding of business, and the desire to understand users' frustrations, we build ideal products to fuel growth.

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