Project Details

With Twitter and a bit of empathy we helped a regional brand take their marketing efforts hyper-local and enable them to curate their social message.

Our Approach

As a growing and scaling organization, Common Desk had a cohesive brand aspecific to a location. Their social media presence included Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, yet they struggled to create hyper-local hype for their new locations coming on-line. They needed to segment their presence without segmenting their brand.

We created a streaming timeline of mixed social media posts that were curated by the team. This approach allowed an authentic display of their progress without the uncertainty of publishing a stream of content based on hashtag or user.

The Outcome

Identifying the marketing challenge, and inspired by Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference website, LionsMouth created an offshoot of the Common Desk website for the new location and built a platform for selective posting of tweets to generate buzz within the new community location.

About the client: Common Desk

Common Desk is a coworking space that combines the ambience of a coffee shop with the functionality of an office space to create an environment that inspires community, collaboration, and innovation.

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